Research in the Tung lab focuses on the interplay between genes and behavior. How does social behavior influence genetic variation and gene regulation? How do genetic differences and gene regulation reciprocally influence behavior? And what are the implications of this relationship for evolutionary biology and human health?

We are located at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology.

023 Biological Sciences Building

125 Science Drive

Durham, NC 27708

Office: 919-668-4912

Lab: 919-684-3910

Fax: 919-660-7348

Photo Credit: Noah Snyder-Mackler

Photo Credit: Noah Snyder-Mackler

Interested in our work? We're looking for talented students and post-docs to join us!


We are looking for post-docs! Join us to study social mammal behavior and genetics, or the social/behavioral determinants of health.

Collaboration with the Archie Lab at University of Notre Dame now out: effects of dispersal and group living on the baboon microbiome!

Our new review with Luis Barreiro is out in Current Opinions in Genetics & Development: admixture in primate evolution